Grow Your Fan Base With These 5 Strategies

You are not going to believe #4

Build a Strong Presence on Instagram

Learn how to use hashtags to grow your fan base on Instagram. Download your free pdf

For every Drake, Cardi B, or Taylor Swift, there are thousands of equally talented artists struggling to get their name out there.

Building a big following on instagram is not as hard as people make you think it is.

Stop wasting your time using Instagram in a way that doesn’t help you at all. 

  •  Learn to use hashtags to get new followers
  • Learn to find relevant hashtags
  • Learn how to run a hashtag contest
  • Learn to use hashtags creatively
  • Learn how to know if you shouldn't use an specific hashtag

Be honest and ask yourself the following questions:

"Does your Instagram page represent you as an artist?"   

"Do your posts reach lots of people and bring you followers?"   

"Are you growing your fan base on Instagram?" 

If you answered no to any of these questions, don't beat yourself up!  It’s not your fault. 

Not every artist is a marketer or social media manager and knows how to use Instagram as a branding tool.

A great Instagram page can be the best introduction to your fans and the music industry.

Learn how to master your Instagram page the way influencers do.

Download your free PDF guide now.


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