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Business Profile:

Alex Morelli Music (“AMM”) Recording Studios in New Jersey, specializing in music and audio production. We offer an extensive and competitively priced, array of music production and recording, digital marketing, and music industry services, utilizing only top-grade equipment in our boutique and picturesque recording studio NJ, or our State of the Art Recording Studios in New York.

Beyond the recording booth, AMM prepares clients to make the successful leap from underground to the mainstream through its music publishing, artist consulting, and songwriting services.

With years of experience in the industry and the sterling list of contacts that come with it, AMM maintains close relations with some of the industry's top A&R executives, managers, radio programmers, brand developers, and music supervisors, enabling its clients to network and promote their music to key industry leaders.

No matter the music style, genre, or instrumentation needed—we’ve got you covered! Our team of award-winning Sound Engineers and Music Producers have done it all and will use our extensive equipment and their expertise in technology (both analog and digital) to achieve your desired sound. Contact us today to turn your musical and audio production dreams into reality!

Personal Profile:

Throughout his career, Alex has worked at some of the best recording studios in NYC, including Unique Recording Studios, Quad Studios, Mirror Image, and Spin. His years there, combined with his experience as a Musician, lead to him becoming a highly sought-after and respected Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, and Creative Director.

Always seeking perfection in his recording environment, he recently helped establish AMM recording studios, a modern, state-of-the-art recording studio in West New York, NJ, just 15 minutes away from NYC. Because as he puts it, "We want it to be accessible to everyone... and close to the heart of the Music Business... New York City".

He has worked on a variety of projects and music genres; Cumbia, Bachata, Rock, Country, Pop, Dubstep, and with some of the top people in the industry and emerging talent.

Among them are Jimmy Farkas, Pucker Brown, Vinny Nicoletti, Jadakiss, Chino Y Nacho, Patrick Adams, Rock Wider, Ted Smooth, G48, Eddie Perez, Carlos Escalona, Mary Brown, Jonathan Salmond, Eric Fernandez, Pablo Escobar Jr., Marcos Leus, Wady, and many more.

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