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Mastering. This is the final stage in the music production process. The mastering engineer will process the song or songs in an acoustically designed studio for Mastering, a.k.a Mastering House.

The process includes (among others), Final equalization, Maximization (full volume), balancing the volume between the different songs on the album, and making sure that the songs have the same for all different type of playback devices. Computers, phones, tv, etc.


Discover How Aspiring Musicians Just Like You Are Releasing Music, Growing Their Fan Base, Getting Gigs and Getting Noticed!

An industry-ready mix and master can make all the difference when it comes to making new connections and fans in the music industry. Get the professional sound you deserve and take your career to the next level.

For over 20 years we’ve been working with major record labels, major artists, producers, songwriters, artists, bands and companies in the music industry.

Be honest with yourself...  Do your recordings represent you as an artist?   Are your mixes flat?   Are your masters, fan... or radio-ready? 

Stop beating yourself up!  It’s not your fault. Not every studio understands what you need as an artist.

We on the other hand... have the experience and studio to get you the sound and master quality that you need.  No games... Just a quality... radio...and release-ready master... at affordable prices.

Here is your chance to impress A&R’s, Managers, Fans and Spotify Playlists curators, once they hear your new, industry-standard recording.

Big Masters - A great sounding master can be your best introduction to the music industry.

We’ll make sure that your masters are up to industry standards...and within your genre.

Radio- ready masters - In order to get  the attention of the industry, your fans, press and connections, you need radio-ready masters.  And that is what we give you

Also, industry standard masters can your music on:

  • Major Spotify Playlists
  • Major Apple Music Playlists
  • Film, TV, Video Games, Advertising and other type of media.
  • Music Publishing Deals
  • Co-writing opportunities
  • Record Deals
  • And many more opportunities!

Who Have We Worked With?

Some of our production credits include: 

Madonna, Chino Y Nacho, Mario Winans, Young Syrup, Toby Love, Rich Robinson, Tedd Smooth, Straight Face Records, Trent Reznor, Jadakiss, Popperazzi po, ONIGMA, Michael Jackson, Rock Wilder, Viva Starr, Choco Reynoso, Bruce Miller, Mary Brown, Carlos Escalona, Alex Ramone, and more than 100 record labels including all the majors.

Do You Want To Sound Like This?

How You Can Improve Your Sound Now?

If you’ve read this far, then you’re already head and shoulders above your songwriting friends. (Most people are sitting it out in jobs they hate just waiting to be discovered.)

I want to offer you something that I think will make a huge difference in your career.

I’ll be honest - I’ve got 12 studio sessions free between now and the last day of the month. And that annoys me.

I could sell these at full price to the first people who walk through the door, but I wanted to do something for the indie artists (and give something back to the industry that’s made me so successful over the years).

So if you can answer yes to the following, then I’ll give you my entire team, for one full session, at 65% off the retail price.

Can you say yes to these 3 things?

  1. I am an unsigned artist
  2. I write my own music
  3. I have done, or booked, at least one open mic*

*I only want to work with singers/songwriters who are willing to work hard!       

If you said yes to the above (or you can tag someone in who fits this), then I’ll give you our Professional Package for a 70% discount.

NORMALLY: $100 per song

TODAY: $45.00 (yes, that's 65% off regular price)

For that price, I’ll give you the same as someone paying full price and you’ll get:

  • Song revision (before we master, we make sure that your song is ready to get mastered)
  • One single mastered ready for itunes, Spotify, Apple Music and the radio!
  • Wav. Bounce (highest quality)
  • MP3 Bounce (highest quality)
  • Option to Free Distribution with our own distribution company (terms and conditions apply)
  • 41 Spotify playlists where you can submit your music to.

GOOD NEWS: We’ll turnaround your track in just 96 hours (yup, the team wants to start working hard this year!)

BAD NEWS: Limited to the first 12 singer/songwriters who email me ([email protected]).

Let me know ASAP if you want to be considered. When these 12 spaces have gone, they’ve gone.

Peace out.

Alex and The AMM Team!

Show the industry that you are the next big sound

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