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Here’s What We’ll Cover

We’ll show you everything you need to know about Artist Development.

Create a business structure. Organize and register your catalogs.

We will help you to create a business structure, a professional catalog, organize it and register it using industry standard methods. Create a professional system to pitch your music and develop important relationships with music supervisors, A&R's, Managers, and industry executives. These relationships are the ones that will help you to sign music licensing and business deals, The best way to generate income and move up in the music industry.


We will help you to create a plan for social media, streaming and marketing. We’ll cover how to use advertising on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to drive people to your website. Plus, we’ll show you platforms most artists don’t even think about using and that are great to promote shows locally. 

Performing and Networking

We are going to show you how to book and promote your shows and how to find the best industry showcases and festivals where you can perform. We will also show you how to make connections in the industry and leverage your network.

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Whether you are an artist, singer, songwriter, producer, beatmaker, we will help you to develop a plan that best fits your needs and help you to achieve your goals in the music industry. There is a different path for each and we understand how they work.

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Radio Submissions

The Radio submission guide

We will prepare and pitch your music to Radio stations based on your genre using standard practices and tools. Results may vary and are not guarantee.

Streaming Services

We are a Spotify agency.

We can run targeted Spotify ads for your target audience based on your genre, location and age. Contact us for more details.

Release Campaign Planning

The 10 step pre release plan.

Don’t waste a single second trying to figure out what tools you need and how to release your music. We make it easy giving you an entire list of tools and strategies we use to release artists.

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