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We provide independent artists access to the best sound quality at independent artist's rates.

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The Best of the Analog and Digital Audio World.

We give you access to the best combination of digital audio plugins, software instruments, and top audio gear.

Protools HD

We use the best industry DAW. Protools HD. Protools is the standard for professional music production and we have it available for you.


From project recording studios to multi-platinum mix engineers, UAD Power Plug-Ins have been winning over audio professionals for more than 15 years with their stunning analog sound.

We use the complete suite of UREI Power Plugins available for you.

Komplete Full Suite

KOMPLETE is the go-to production suite for artists, musicians, and sound designers, packing all the creative tools you’ll ever need for your music production.

We have available the full suite of synths and tools available for you.

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We are committed to providing independent artists with only professional sound. Please take a listen to some of our previous work.

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