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This is How We Can Help You With Your Music

Music production uses several steps

Audio Recording

Audio recording is critical to your complete project.

Whether you are a singer or a rapper looking to record vocals, or a full band ready to record all your instruments, an audio engineer with the proper recording techniques, and the best audio equipment can help you to create a professional master optimized for distribution.

The same applies to entrepreneurs wanting to do a podcast recording

However, the wrong recording process might ruin your complete music production project if not handled properly.

Audio Mixing

Whether you have recorded with us in our recording studios in NJ or have recorded in your home recording studio, we can help you to mix your music to sound radio-ready.

It doesn't matter how many tracks you have in your mix or the genre; we'll make sure that your song sounds like an industry-standard record.

Audio Mastering

Once the recording process is complete, your pitch correction is perfect, and your mix is accepted, now is time to finalize your record.

Audio mastering is the process that will give you a fat master that sounds great in any and every audio equipment available in any environment.

Audio mastering is also the sound process where you add your metadata (artist name, track name, etc.) so streaming platforms, radios, and audio equipment can show your information, and you can also get paid for your music streaming and sales.

We can provide you two types of audio mastering.

Digital mastering or analog mastering in our mastering studio in NY.


Podcast recording

If you are looking for a podcast recording studio, you've come to the right place.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, publisher, or small business owner looking for ways to drive traffic to your website and build authority in your industry, podcast recording can be the best way to do it. 

However, to be taken seriously, you need your podcast to sound professional. 

Let us help you with your recordings, editing, mixing, and mastering so all your podcasts sound industry standard.


Alex Morelli Music is for

Singers / Singer-Songwriters

Singer-songwriters looking to record a demo or a full production.


Are you looking for a rap recording studio? We love Hip Hop and Rap and we have worked for decades on these genres. If you need a Hip Hop recording studio, you've come to the right place.

Bands and Musicians

We love working with bands. Rock, Heavy, Country, Pop, Indie, and others.


Entrepreneurs, business owners, startups and digital course creators looking for ways to increase their online traffic and authority through podcasting are in good hands with us.

What our clients are saying

"I am an up and coming artist under the name "Shinko" and a can say that this studio has met all of my expectations on my first visit. Alex's top quality professional sound will definitely keep me coming back. "

M Leone

"Alex and Ken are proof that a good Recording is the result of the right Engineers, Technology, and the Recording and Music Industry experience that they bring to the table. Every one that has heard my recordings, has been impressed with the final product. "Release Ready" quality... is not an accident. It is what they do... and do well. I would certainly recommend them to any artist that is serious about putting together a quality recording, and music product. "

Singer / Artist

"I’ve been a client of Alex Morelli Music since they were located in Hoboken so at least 4 years. Not only his staff some of the most talented people I’ve worked with but they are also some of the nicest most honest people I’ve worked with. They are a one stop shop for songwriting, producing, recording, mixing and mastering! They work to your liking! Great people and I look forward to many more years of working with them! "

Roger Ortega
Grammy nominated singer songwriter

Some of Our Work

Please take a listen to some of our work to see the quality of sound we can give you.

We are committed to provide independent artists only professional sound. Please take a listen to some of our previous work.

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